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The details to access ExamDeveloper are sent to your registered email account. Each time you use ExamDeveloper, you must log on to the application.


If you do not have the details, please contact or your local systems administrator.

Log On

  1. Use the URL you received in your registered email account to access the Log In page of ExamDeveloper.


    The ExamDeveloper application is configured to run securely using the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS URLs begin with "https://"

  2. Enter your Username and Password. Then click Log In. You are redirected to the Project Authorization page.


    You can return to this page at any time by clicking the Home link in the top right corner of your page.


    If you enter a wrong username or password, an error message in red text is displayed and you are unable to proceed further until you make the correct entries. Read about how to recover a forgotten password.

  3. Once you enter your login credentials, you are asked to enter the answer to the Project Authorization question to proceed further. This is one of the five mandatory question-answer sets you specified on the first login. Read Update Project Authorization for details.
    Enter the correct answer in the Answer dialogue box and click one of the following buttons:
    • Submit button: Proceed to the ExamDeveloper Home page.
    • Cancel button: Return to the login screen.

    As it is entered, the Project Authorization answer is hidden from view and appears in the form of a series of asterisks replacing individual characters. These can be made visible if the user needs to check for spelling mistakes, by clicking the SHOW button at the end of the text box.


    An error message in red text is displayed if you enter a wrong answer to the authorization question, and you are unable to proceed further unless you enter the correct answer.



    In case you have forgotten the answer to the authorization question, click Forgot Answer? link to open the FORGOT AUTHORIZATION ANSWER window. Enter your username in the text box and click Submit. Instructions to set your authorization answer are emailed to your registered email account. See the Retrieve the Answers for the Project Authorization Questions topic for details.




    If any script(s) (Sql or Migration page) are not executed when regular (non-admin) users logon to the application, logon is not permitted.

    Instead, an error message in red text is displayed as seen below:

Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password? link at the bottom of the Log In page. To complete the process, you need the username that was sent to you via the Welcome Message.

Use the following steps to reset your password:

  1. Click on the Forgot Password? link. The Forgot Password page opens.
  2. Enter the Username sent to you via the system-generated Welcome Message.
  3. An email is sent to the email address associated with your username, as stored in the system. Within the body of this email, click the Password Setup link.
  4. You are then redirected to the Log In page. Now enter a new password that meets the password requirements.
  5. Click Submit.

It is not possible to recover the Administrator password in this way.

Log Out

Click the Logout link in the top right of the Welcome message bar.

You are asked to confirm whether you would like to log out.

  • Click the Log out button to exit the application.
  • Click the Back to application button if you want to access ExamDeveloper again.


    If this screen remains inactive for 30 minutes, you are automatically logged out of the application and redirected to the Log In page.


Upon your first time logging on to ExamDeveloper, you are directed to the Project Authorization page, where you are asked to answer a set of “authentication questions."



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