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The ExamDeveloper Home page appears after you have logged in. It displays sections with the following information:




NotificationsThe Notifications section lists all projects to which you have been assigned along with any rejections or comments to the assets.
DashboardThe Dashboard section lists all projects for which you have been assigned and tabs for Manager, Writer, Reviewer, Validator, and Imaging, depending on your assigned permissions.


The User section displays your login details and email ID. You can update your profile in this space. Refer to Update Your User Profile.
This section also allows you to change your password.

My Tasks

This is a short list of the latest tasks (maximum of 5), across all projects and which project it belongs to, assigned to the user currently logged in. (This is not visible for archived or closed projects).


When a user is part of several projects, all of those projects are visible for the user. In order to avoid confusion, each task assigned to the user has the name of the project appended to its name in parentheses. In the example below, “Questions of language group” is the name of the task, while “Demo_Project1” is the name of the project with which the task is associated.

ExamDeveloper News

The Exam Developer News section displays news about ExamDeveloper software. Examples include: latest functionality and participation of staff in industry conferences.

System Updates

The System Updates section displays a breakdown of scheduled updates to the ExamDeveloper application and the time stamp on final execution.


The Announcements section includes details about upcoming events and other relevant project news.

Show Archive

The Show Archive check box, when selected, enables the listing of projects in an Archived state in addition to the other active projects. This check box is not visible when there are no projects in an Archived state.


Your Homepage may differ from this sample image depending on the projects and roles to which you have been assigned.


The Version number is displayed at the bottom-left of the application screen as MajorVersion.YYMM.ReleaseVersion.BuildNumber, where YYMM designates the year (last two digits) and the month number when the release occurred. e.g., 7.1901.0.20011 has Major Version: 7, Released in January (month number 1) of the year 2019, Release Version: 0, and Build Number: 20011.

Upon selecting any project in the Dashboard, the menus become visible at the top of the page. You can find additional details in the Main Menu Features topic.


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