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  • 1.3.2 Change Your Password
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You can update your password from the User section in the ExamDeveloper homepage.

To Change Your Password:

  1. Click Update Profile in the User section of ExamDeveloper home page. You are directed to the Update Profile page.
  2. The Change Password panel on the page can be used to change your password.
  3. Enter your Current Password.
  4. Enter your New Password.

  5. Re-enter your new password in the Confirm Password field.
  6. Click Save to update your new password.

    An error message in red text is displayed if the password doesn't meet the application's criteria. The password length has to be between 8 and 250 characters, and must contain at least one digit and one alphabetic character.

  7. You can use the new password the next time you log on to the application.


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