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The Reviewer tab of the Dashboard shows the number of items pending review for the current user.


Default project is not listed in dashboard.

The project in a Closed or Archived state is not listed in the dashboard.

The project in an Inactive state is only listed in the dashboard if the current user is a Project Manager for the inactive project.


  • The Number shows the count of items that are editable for review on this project.


The number changes immediately whenever the state of the item changes after successful accept/return votes, or by batch changes of state Edit/Examine items.


Click any of the review states listed. You are redirected to the Project Review Summary page. This page contains details such as Pending Review (number of items yet to be reviewed from the Review Assignment), as well as Total Assigned, and Require Re-Review (number of items sent back to this Review State after being returned from the next Review State) on clicking More Details. The Review Assignment due date is also displayed if it is available, and it is displayed as a blank if there is no due date.


  • Click the  Edit icon to start reviewing items from the assignment.
  • Click this  Report icon to display an HTML report of the items in the Review Assignment in a pop-up.
  • Click the  Refresh Counter icon to see the current Review Pending count.


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