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This page can be used to edit the contents of a task that was created earlier. It is the same as the Task Add page, which appears when you click the Add tab on the left.

  1. Click the Tasks link on the right side of the Welcome bar at the top of the application, then click the List tab.
  2. Click the Edit   icon in the Task List page. The Task Add page opens.

On this page, the following fields are available to edit the selected task.

  1. You can alter the Title, Description, Due Date, Priority, Status, % Completed, Comments, and Assign to list on this page.
  2. Status can be used to alter the status of the task using any one of the following values:
    1. Not Started
    2. In Progress
    3. Completed
    4. Closed

    The Closed status is specified when the task no longer requires any attention or is no longer relevant. Unlike the Completed state, which requires the % Completed value to be set to 100, a task can be assigned a Closed status without any restrictions.

  3. %Completed can be used to mark the approximate amount of the given task that has been completed. This value can be modified to a non-zero value only if the Status is set to In Progress. This value must be set to 100 to set the task status as Completed.
  4. Use the Comments field to enter comments, if required.
  5. Click Update Task to complete the edit process.



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