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The Task List page lists all tasks in the project that have either been assigned to or created by the current user. The tasks are sorted in order of Due Date.

Click the Task link in the Welcome bar at the top of the application, then click the List tab.

A description of the three tabs on this page is as follows:

  1. Assigned to Me: This is a list of tasks assigned to the current user.
  2. Assigned by Me: This lists the tasks created and assigned to other project members by the current user.
  3. Completed: This is a list of all tasks assigned to or created by the current user that have been marked as "Completed" or "Closed."

The Task List page includes the following features:



Click the Completed button to update the status of a task to "Completed" without opening the task to edit it. This feature sets the Status of the task to "Completed" and % Completed as "Hundred". The task is then included within the Completed tab.

Click the Edit button to edit the task fields such as Description, Status, % Completed, and Comments.

Click the Delete button to delete a task. This is available only for tasks created by the current user.


Displays the title of the selected task. The hyperlink can be used to visit the Task View page.

Due Date

Displays the date in which the selected task must be completed. If the task has exceeded the due date, the date is displayed in red text.

Created By

Displays the name of the user who created the task.


Displays the priority set for the task.

Assigned To

Displays a list of project members assigned to the task.


By default, the Assigned to Me and Assigned by Me tabs display a list of active tasks because the Show active task only check box is selected at the top right corner of the page.

You must deselect the Show active task only check box to view tasks in all status states.


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