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While the built-in FMATH editor is quite adept at handling MathML data, some clients may be more comfortable with other editors. WIRIS editor is one such MathML editor. We will take a look at the steps involved in setting up the WIRIS editor.


The steps mentioned below are optional and are required only if you are going to use WIRIS.


  1. Copy the contents of the WIRISServer folder, found under the <SVNFolder>\External\ folder, to an appropriate location on your hard drive, such as C:\CompiledWIRISSite\ in our example.
  2. Configure the WIRIS server in IIS:
    1. Create an Application Pool named "WirisApplicationPool".
    2. Create an Application in Default Web Site with Alias as "WirisServerComponent", Application Pool as "WirisApplicationPool", and Physical path pointing to the folder containing the WIRIS Server components as mentioned in step 1 (C:\CompiledWIRISSite\ in our example).
  3. Specify the WIRIS server component license in its Web.config file as below:
    1. Navigate to the WIRIS server component compiled folder C:\CompiledWIRISSite\ as in our example.

    2. Open the Web.config file present in this folder with Notepad or a suitable text file editor.

    3. Specify the 25-character WIRIS server component license code in place of XXXX as shown in the above screenshot.


      The application deploy team needs to take care that the WIRIS Server application should not be accessible by any application other than the ExamDeveloper.



  4. Specify the WIRIS server component setting in ExamDeveloper appSettings.config as below:

    1. Open the ExamDeveloper appSettings.config file with Notepad or a suitable text file editor.

    2. Locate the keyword “MathEditor”. The default parameter value for this will be an empty string as shown below.

      <add key=”MathEditor” value=”” />


    3. Enter “wiris” for the value here as shown below.

      <add key=”MathEditor” value=”wiris” />


    4. Add the next four lines as shown below.

<add key=”com.wiris.plugin.wirisimageservicehost” value=”” />
<add key=”com.wiris.plugin.wirisimageservicepath” value=”/editorservice.aspx/render” />
<add key=”com.wiris.plugin.wirisimageserviceport” value=”443” />
<add key=”com.wiris.plugin.wirisimageserviceprotocol” value=”https” />


In the above example:

“” should be replaced by the actual WIRIS service host domain name,

“WirisServerComponent” is the Virtual Directory (Alias or Application name of WIRIS in IIS) of the WIRIS server component as in step 2.b,

“/editorservice.aspx/render” is the editor service page name to render MathML markup to image,

“443” is the WIRIS service host port number, and

“https” is the protocol to access WIRIS service.


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