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 Backup the application files

 Update SQL Server Report .RDL files (not required for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above)

 Software upgrade process home page



The application should be taken offline before proceeding with the next steps. Also, all the microservices to be upgraded must be stopped and uninstalled at this point.

What is the difference between the <SVNFolder> and <ExtractedFolder>?


* Henceforth, we will refer to the path where ExamDeveloper files are going to be checked out as <SVNFolder>, which is C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\ in our example.

* Henceforth, we will refer to the path where ExamDeveloper web application files are going to be installed/copied as <ExtractedFolder>, which is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ExamDeveloper\ in our example. Likewise, we will also refer to the path where the ExamDeveloper Asset folder and log files are stored as <AppData>, which will be C:\ExamDeveloperData\ in our example (you need to create this folder as well).

Download the latest application files (Only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1805 or less)

  1. Empty the folder where the current version of the ExamDeveloper application was installed before you begin downloading the updated version application files to that folder. Ensure that you also delete the hidden folder ".svn" from this folder. In our example, this is the <SVNFolder> folder, which is C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\.
  2. Right-click on <SVNFolder> and click SVN Checkout.
  3. Enter the URL: (where "XXX" is the latest version of ExamDeveloper as found in Release Versions). 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Please enter the Username and Password provided to you by the ExamDeveloper Support Team and click OK. The files start downloading to the folder.


    Step 5 is applicable only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1702 or less. Skip it for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above.

  6. Click OK to close the Checkout window after the process finishes.

  7. Copy the contents of <SVNFolder>\Web\ to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ExamDeveloper\, known as <ExtractedFolder>. Copy the web.config from the <SVNFolder>\External\ folder (if the file exists in this folder) and paste it to the <ExtractedFolder> folder (overwrite the existing file if one already exists). You do not need to do this if the file doesn't exist in <SVNFolder>\External\ or if it already exists in the <ExtractedFolder> folder.

Update the Microservices Folders (Only for ExamDeveloper version 7.1702 or less)


Skip this step for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above.

It is important to manually copy and paste (and overwrite) the updated contents of the microservices folders within the <SVNFolder> (where the SVN checkout happened) to the locations where these microservices are actually installed. For example, if EDRS is installed at C:\EDRS\ExamDeveloper\ (as per our example of <EDRSInstallDir>) and the <ExtractedFolder> is C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\, then you need to copy and paste (and overwrite) the updated EDRS files from C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\EDRS\ to C:\EDRS\ExamDeveloper\ after the update (SVN checkout). If this is not done, then your microservices will not be upgraded and they might not run as expected.

The paths to the source and destination files and folder for the various microservices to be copied and pasted in our example are as below:

  1. EDRS: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\EDRS\ (<ExtractedFolder>\EDRS\) to C:\EDRS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDRSInstallDir>)
  2. ExamService service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\Exam\ (<ExtractedFolder>\ExamService\) to C:\EDEXS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDEXSinstallDir>) 
  3. ItemBank service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\ItemBank\ (<ExtractedFolder>\ItemBankService\) to C:\EDIBS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDIBSinstallDir>)
  4. User service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\User\ (<ExtractedFolder>\User\) to C:\EDUS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDUSinstallDir>)
  5. Project service: C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\Project\ (<ExtractedFolder>\Project\) to C:\EDPS\ExamDeveloper\ (<EDPSinstallDir>)


Reconcile changes to config files


Review the Upgrade Instructions


Please read and review the next step detailing the application upgrade steps between specific consecutive versions for your application upgrade version before going ahead. It is important that you read these BEFORE proceeding on to the next steps on this page, as there may be tasks that are different than the normal routine.

It is important to review the steps that are involved in the upgrade process, and whether there are any steps in the process which are unique to this version which are not already covered herein. If so, there are typically supplemental instructions that would accompany this set.


You can follow the instructions to upgrade your specific application version by clicking on the appropriate link below.


It is important to not skip versions and rather upgrade sequentially. Upgrading directly to a higher version by skipping certain versions may cause improper installation and the application may not work if there are mandatory changes in any of the intermediate versions being skipped.


7.1602 to 7.1604

7.1604 to 7.1605

7.1605 to 7.1606

7.1606 to 7.1607

7.1607 to 7.1608

7.1608 to 7.1609

7.1609 to 7.1610

7.1610 to 7.1611

7.1611 to 7.1612

7.1612 to 7.1701

7.1701 to 7.1702

7.1702 to 7.1704

7.1704 to 7.1705

7.1705 to 7.1706

7.1706 to 7.1707

7.1707 to 7.1708

7.1708 to 7.1709

7.1709 to 7.1710

7.1710 to 7.1711

       7.1711 to 7.1712

       7.1712 to 7.1801

       7.1801 to 7.1802

       7.1802 to 7.1803

       7.1803 to 7.1804

       7.1804 to 7.1805.1

       7.1805 to 7.1806

       7.1806 to 7.1807

7.1807 to 7.1808

7.1808 to 7.1809

7.1805 / 7.1806 to 7.1809

7.1809 to 7.1901

7.1901 to 7.1902

7.1902 to 7.1903

7.1903 to 7.1904.01

7.1904 to 7.1905

7.1905 to 7.1906

7.1906 to 7.1907

7.1907 to 7.1908

7.1908 to 7.1909

7.1909 to 7.1910

7.1910 to 7.1911

7.1911 to 7.1912

7.1912 to 7.2001 

7.2001 to 7.2002.01 

7.2002 to 7.2003 

       7.2003 to 7.2004 

       7.2004 to 7.2005

       7.2005 to 7.2006 

       7.2006 to 7.2007 

       7.2007 to 7.2008 

       7.2008 to 7.2009 

       7.2009 to 7.2010 

       7.2010 to 7.2011

       7.2011 to 7.2012







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 Update SQL Server Report .RDL files (not required for ExamDeveloper version 7.1704 and above)

 Backup the application files

 Software upgrade process home page


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