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 Upgrade to another version

 Software upgrade process home page


  1. Update the file updated in steps 1 and 2 of Upgrading from 7.1704 to 7.1705 is placed in the folder C:\EnvProp\. Also ensure that the file created in step 3 of Upgrading from 7.1704 to 7.1705 is placed in the folder C:\SecProp\.

  2. Please add NewRelic_Key= to the file. We have added some additional instrumentation that you can send to your NewRelic account if you have one. Otherwise, just leave it empty.

  3. Extract the <SVNFolder>\Web\ file into a folder.

    Navigate to the folder where has been extracted then go to config folder and edit the appSettings.config file to modify the value of the below keys:
    change <add key="enableDevFeatures" value="@{enableDevFeatures}"/> to <add key="enableDevFeatures" value="@{ENABLE_DEV_FEATURES}"/> 

    Save the modified appSettings.config file.

    Create a ZIP archive from the contents of the folder where <SVNFolder>\Web\ was extracted earlier, and copy it to <SVNFolder>\Web\ and overwrite the existing


  4. Utilize the same setup.ps1 Powershell scripts as previous releases HERE. The ItemGroup service is not yet released, even-though you might see some references to it in the code.

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 Upgrade to another version

 Software upgrade process home page


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