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  1. Please follow the regular upgrade process to install the Web and previously installed services in Services and Web installation process using power shell script.


    Migration scripts details


    Before Deployment Itemgroup service will run both migration scripts (ExamCaseMigrationToItemgroup.exe and Questionrevisioningmigration.exe) automatically. Both the migration scripts will be run from the AppServer. The migration process run time may vary depending on volumes.

    This script will do the following actions:

    • Migrate old cases from ExamDeveloper to Itemgroup database.
    • Populate the QuestionHistory table for newly created exhibit questions as a result of migrating cases.
    • Update the QuestionHistory table with the latest version of the question(s).
    • Populate User Tracking data for all the questions in theQuestionHistorytable(both old and new).
  2. Run Scripts

    1. Again login to the application with Admin account and run all scripts.

    2. All Scripts will execute successfully and the application will be upgraded to 7.1901 version.

  3. Run sql script manually

    Please follow the steps below to execute the SQL script manually.

    1. Go to folder <SVNFolder>\External. Here, <SVNFolder> is the path where ExamDeveloper files are going to be checked out, which is C:\ExamDeveloper\Repositories\ExamDeveloper\ in our example.

    2. Open the "r14187 D-32275 - Nullify broken case references in historical question revisions.sql" Scrip in SQL management studio.

    3. REplace the Examdeveloper and Itemgroup database names with the database names used in file with key values of CONNECTION-STRING and ITEMGROUP_CONNECTION_STRING respectively.
    4. Run the script from SQL management studio.


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 Upgrade to another version

 Software upgrade process home page


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