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If the client doesn't use WIRIS, the script will attempt to install it anyway (fixed for 2003 release). Apart from letting the WIRIS tokens as empty, please follow these steps:

1. Once downloaded ExamDeveloper repository, navigate to the folder corresponding with the release the client wants to upgrade.

2. Navigate to the "Web" folder.

3. Open Setup.ps1 file with a notepad

4. Remove the following line: UnzipAndReplace -zipfile .\ -outpath $properties.WIRIS_EDITOR_TARGET_DIR


  1. Form 1911 release onwards virtual host is a mandatory rabbitMQ. Please create virtual host in rabbitMQ even running only one instance in the server.

    Please follow the below steps to create a virtual host in rabbitMQ:

  2. Please, add to self-hosted properties file the key "RABBIT_ADDRESS=" with the URL rabbitMQ virtual host. (ie: rabbitmq://serverlink/$vhost name)

  3. Please, add below keys to secure properties file:

    key "RABBIT_MANAGE_URL=https://actualserverlink" with the URL of rabbitMQ Management console (ie: https://localhost:15672) here local host will be replaced with the actual system name of the domain name which can access the rabbittMQ management console.

    key "RABBIT_MANAGE_USERNAME=management username". we need to provide the admin username which we can able access the rabbitMQ management console.

    key "RABBIT_MANAGE_PASSWORD=Password". we need to provide the admin password which we can able access the rabbitMQ management console

  4. Please follow the regular upgrade process to install the Web and previously installed services in Services and Web installation process using power shell script.



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