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Add a new Organization

  1. Select the OrganizationsAdd menu.
  2. Enter in all the required Security Agreement details for that organization. 
  3. Click the Access Agreement accordion tab at the bottom of the page and enter in all the required Access Agreement details for that organization.
  4. The Access Agreement is shown to the user from his/her 2nd login with frequency depending on options set in the Time Frame drop-down. This can be set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once, or Disabled. When set to Disabled, the Access Agreement is not shown to the user at all.


    Data may be entered while adding an organization or edited while modifying it in the Access Agreement field’s window, but it is still not shown to the user during login, if the Time Frame setting is set to Disabled.

  5. Click Submit to save the organization or click Reset to re-enter the details.


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