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Add a Standard Item Bank

  1. Login as the administrator.
  2. Select the Item Bank  Add menu.
  3. Select an organization from the Organization drop-down list.
  4. Select Standard ItemBank from the Type drop-down list.

    The Type drop-down list may be grayed out with the selection disabled and set to Standard ItemBank if a Delivery Template Item Bank exists in the organization.

  5. Select one or more usernames from the Item Bank Admin list to be denoted as the Item Bank administrators for the Item Bank being created.
  6. Enter a Name for the Standard Item Bank.
  7. Specify the Tally Level from the drop-down list.
  8. Select the 2-Factor Authentication check box if required/available. Enter the Authy License API Key if you opt to enable this option and click the Validate button. This box is grayed out if you do not select the check box.
  9. Select the Athena Browser Preview check box if you wish to have the preview feature enabled in this Item Bank. This check box is available only if the required services (Preview and CAS) are installed for the ExamDeveloper instance.
  10. Click the Submit button: The new Standard Item Bank is created and added to the database, and the user is returned to the Add Item Bank page where the success message in red text is displayed.

    Or else, click the Reset button: Discard all changes and return to the Add Item Bank page.

  11. The newly created Standard Item Bank is now listed along with the previously existing Item Banks, with the Is DT Itembank status set to No.



If you click the Edit icon corresponding to an existing Standard Item Bank, the Type drop-down list to select Normal/DT Item Bank is no longer available. This is because the Item Bank type cannot be changed once it is created.


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