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  1. Script Status page allows the administrator to view and execute scripts/migration activities. It is also possible to run these scripts from this page.


    If any script(s) (Sql or Migration page) is (are) not executed when regular (non-admin) users login to the application, login is not permitted.

    Instead, an error message in red text is displayed as below:

  2. The Administrator must run all non-executed scripts(DB and Migration pages) shown therein.
    When a new script is encountered, or a new database is accessed, the new script is not  run and its status is Not-Executed as shown below.

  3. Click Run All Scripts to execute the Migration Script. At the end of such a script run, the pop-up error message below is displayed.
  4. The Script Status page contains two buttons:
    • Run All Scripts
    • UnBlock Application

    1. Run All Scripts:
      Clicking on Run All Scripts button starts executing all scripts displayed on the page. While this process is going on, admin can see an updated status of the scripts on same page.
      1. If all scripts are executed successfully then admin receives an alert with the message Scripts are executed successfully.You can proceed further. This confirms that all scripts have been executed successfully. Ordinarily, the Script Status page displays the script run success in green text as Success, when the script has run successfully.

        Clicking OK takes you to the Script Status page. The application is now unlocked and all regular users can login to the application.

        Custom message for successful script run
        When a developer has set a custom message for the script, it shows up in orange text as Success, which is a hyperlink.
        Clicking on the Success hyperlink displays the following custom message in orange text as specified by the developer. Each script can have its own custom success message, which can be viewed by clicking its own hyperlink.

        Clicking OK takes you back to the Script Status page.

        The ExamDeveloper application is in the unblocked state after this because all the scripts have run successfully and there is no error.
        The success message is seen and there is no page redirection.
        Emails are sent to the Item Bank Manager and Organization Manager with the success messages for all scripts that have run.

      2. While running scripts, if any script fails, the application sends an email to the support team and shows error pop-up.

        Clicking OK takes you to the Script Status page with the script result displayed in red text as Error and it is hyperlinked.
        Clicking the Error hyperlink shows the error message specific to that script.

        You must click the UnBlock Application button to be able to access the application.
        The application remains blocked for regular users until all such errors are resolved.
        Whenever a script fails with an error, a hyperlink 'Error...' is shown in the 'Result' column. On clicking the 'Error...' link, a popup window opens up with the error description as well as any additional instructions if any that needs to be followed, as shown in the screenshot below:



        The information below about how to skip migration scripts or unblock the application is an advanced feature that is NOT recommended unless you have already spoke with Pearson VUE Tech Support and they recommended the strategy. Not running scripts can cause harm to your database, from which you may or may not be able to recover. If you perform this action without Pearson VUE Tech Support's consultation and the database is corrupted, you will be asked to restore the database to a time before which the script was skipped, thus losing all of the information that was entered thereafter.

      3. The System Administrator can skip certain scripts by adding the script numbers as a parameter in the URL described below. Such chosen scripts are not executed. 

        For example, to skip script 3493, the URL to be used to access the Script Status page would be http://ED/edTrunk/role_admin/ScriptStatus.aspx?skip=3493.

        Multiple scripts can be skipped by specifying the script numbers separated by commas. For example, to skip scripts 2126, 3493, and 4350, you can browse to the modified URL: http://ED/edTrunk/role_admin/ScriptStatus.aspx?skip=2126,3493,4350.

        Then click on Run All Scripts button.

        Upon clicking the Run All Scripts button, a warning message is displayed as, "You are about to skip following script '<script numbers with comma separation>'. This may cause data corruption and may prevent the application from running correctly. 

        Please ensure to have a full database backup before further processing. Do you want to stop the Process?" with YES and NO buttons.

        If admin clicks YES the process does NOT continue.
        If admin clicks NO all scripts excluding those included in the modified URL are executed.

    2. UnBlock Application:
      Use the UnBlock Application button to unblock the application, even if some script(s) have not been executed successfully. It is however highly inadvisable to unblock an application in this state.

      Unblocking the application without running all required upgrades may result in data corruption and other issues.
      If the admin user confirms unblocking, the application is unblocked and the admin user is redirected to the default admin page. Regular users can now login into the application, or the application remains blocked and the admin user remains on the same page.


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