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The main menu can be accessed at the top of the application. These menus become visible only upon selecting any project. All of the tasks that must be performed by an Item Writer, Reviewer, or Validator can be done through this menu.

In this chapter, we cover the Develop Questions main menu and discuss its various features in detail.




Write Item

This feature lets you, the Writer, view your entire list of projects and the total number of items assigned to you. Based on the project's configuration, the author can select MCQ, Pull-down list, Shared Options List (R-Type), Case (G-Type), Constructed Response/Oral, Point And Click, Matching, Display-Type, Fill In The Blank, Enhanced Matching, Spreadsheet, External, and Compound items.


This feature allows you to view and review your work assignments.


Item validation provides concrete documentation of the relevance of all items on the exam form. It provides documentation that a panel of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) convened, discussed the relevance of every item, and agreed for each one that it should or should not be placed on the exam form.


Cases are groups of items on similar topics and areas of interest or those that share a similar asset.


The Search for Question ID box at the top right, allows you to search for items in the selected project by specifying the exact Question ID number. On a successful search, the item opens in the Examine Questions page. This is available on all screens after a project is selected.


The Search for Question ID box is available only to Project Managers.



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