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You can randomize the order of the items on the cases (both type of cases) as required, and therefore the order is maintained in the sections and exam forms to which the cases are added.

  1. Select the Develop Questions → Cases menu and select View Cases.
  2. Click the  Edit button for the desired case.
  3. The items assigned to the case are displayed on the Questions tab in the Add/Edit Case page. The items are listed in ascending order by Question ID.


    When you open a case to edit it, all the items on the case are checked out preventing other users from making edits to the items.

  4. Click Randomize Order, just above the list of the items.


    The items are randomly ordered by Randomize Order.
    You can specifically organize items by manually dragging them and placing them in the desired order. To do this, move the mouse cursor over the item area until it changes shape to . Then click and drag it up or down to change the order of the item in the list.

  5. Click Save All and the case is updated.


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