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The Add/Edit Case page features an Exhibit Language drop-down list, which lists all the available languages in the Item Bank. The first language in the Item Bank configuration is selected by default. This language cannot be changed once assigned to the item during its creation except via Batch Edit by the Project Manager. The Exhibit Language drop-down list is unavailable if no languages are specified in the Item Bank configuration.


The items, which can be added to the case, must be authored in the same language as the case. The search results from the Select Questions page therefore yield only items with the same language in the result. If you try to search for different language versions of items, then an error message in red text is displayed with no search results. 


If a new item must be created in the case using the Write Question button, then the language selection option in that item is set to the same as the parent case and selection is disabled. 



The View Cases tab displays the language for the case under the Language column. 




The Case History page displays the Exhibit Language of the case. The items added to the case list the Question ID.Language. 



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