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Automatically Correct Text using post-1809 Rich Text Editor

If the Auto-Correct tab of the Item Bank Configuration page is populated with a list of entries, you can replace selected text with a corresponding entry from the list on this tab, as long as the exact selected text, regardless of capitalization, has an entry on the tab. This feature saves time as you can simply type an abbreviation, select the text of the abbreviation, and click the AutoCorrect tool for the selected abbreviation is replaced by its corresponding long form as shown below.

  1. Select the desired text.
  2. Select the Tools → AutoCorrect menu.
  3. If an AutoCorrect entry exactly matches the selected text, the expanded text is inserted in the text editor in place of the abbreviated text.

    If no AutoCorrect entry exists for the selected text, a message notifies you that no replacement is available for the selected text.



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