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When the Require reviewers to classify unclassified Questions to level setting for the current Review State on the Review Workflow page is selected and the item being reviewed does not have the required blueprint level, then the Advance, Return, and Modify options are disabled.

An error message is displayed at the top of the screen: Unclassified / classified questions require a classification based on the project settings before their review state can be changed.

Classifying an item to the required blueprint level can be done by selecting the Blueprint drop-down list from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Review Questions page. The AdvanceReturn, and Modify options are enabled after this is done.



Prior to the 1809 version of ExamDeveloper, the Advance and Return buttons were labeled as Accept and Reject. The Return button can be renamed on the Item Bank Configuration tab. See the Configuration Tab topic for details.

If you are viewing an item within an Item Bank that was created prior to 1809, the button is named Reject unless you named it something else. The Advance button cannot be renamed. The button name is hard coded into the application.



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