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Upload an asset

  1. Click Prepare Assets → Upload. The page displays Upload AssetsUpload Metadata and Upload MathML sections.
  2. Click the Upload button in the Upload Assets section on the left.
  3. An Upload Files pop-up window opens.


    The Submit on Behalf of drop-down lists the various users eligible to upload assets. This allows the user currently logged in to upload an asset on behalf of another user.

  4. The Display As Exhibit option lets you view an image in a pop-up window. Select the Display As Exhibit check box if you want to display the asset as an exhibit.


    For QTI Exams exported for the Pearson VUE Test Driver, this asset is available as an exhibit (displayed in full size in a new window).

    It must be noted that this behavior is not reflected in ExamDeveloper.

    You must select Display As Exhibit before uploading any files or the assets are imported inline.

    Response A below is an asset that was added with Display as Exhibit selected.

  5. In the pop-up, click the Upload Files button.
  6. In the pop-up window, select the files from your hard drive and click the Open button. 
  7. If mandatory metadata is configured for uploading metadata, enter the required mandatory metadata and click Save.
  8. A message notifies you that the Assets uploaded successfully.
  9. Close the Upload Files pop-up window. The assets you added are listed at the bottom of the Upload Assets page. The assets are listed as either Inline or Exhibit.


    You may encounter a variety of error messages when uploading asset files.

    Invalid file type

    If you try and upload an unsupported file type, you may encounter the following type of error.

    Too many assets

    If you attempt to upload too many assets, or if an asset file is corrupted, you may encounter an error.

    Asset cannot be larger than 100 MB

    Asset files must be smaller than 100 MB in size or you will encounter an error.


    An error message appears and the asset upload fails for an .SVG image if:

    1. Any of the three SVG parameters dealing with dimensions are missing: viewboxheight, or width.
    2. Dimensions are specified in a unit of measurement other than pixels.


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