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An asset stack is a container holding multiple assets. An asset stack allows inclusion of an entire group of assets to an item, section, or exam form.

To upload an asset stack, you must select Yes for the Allow Asset Stacks setting on the Assets Tab of the project's Configuration page.

The Upload Stack button on the Upload Assets pop-up is now available displayed below:

The selection and uploading of multiple assets happens the same as with standard assets.

The asset stack is listed on the Upload Files page displayed below. The first image becomes the thumbnail and a small Asset Stack icon appears on its lower right corner to indicate that it is an asset stack, rather than a standard asset. Balance your mouse over the preview icon and you can scroll through the assets listed in the asset stack using the Next and Previous buttons.



All the asset upload errors mentioned on the Upload Assets page also apply to asset stacks.

When uploading an asset stack, all the files selected in the stack must be valid file types. If any of the selected assets in the stack produce one of the errors identified on the Upload Assets page, none of the assets in the stack are uploaded. You must correct the erroneous file(s) and upload the stack once all the items in the stack are valid file types.



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