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Modify an asset (add blueprints, metadata, etc.) before sending for review


The Modify Asset page is the same in all instances where Modify is selected for assets (even in Examine Assets or any asset review process).

  • You can edit the Asset Name, enter Blueprints, Metadata and even replace the assets.
  • You can also view the image in full size or download the file from this Modify Asset page.
  1. Click the Modify button to modify the asset. Modify is considered an accept vote for the asset.

  2. The Modify Asset page is displayed.


    If the asset is modified in the asset review process, the asset moves to the next state or the next user for review according to the project configuration of assets.



  3. The next asset in queue is displayed if you have selected more than one asset to examine. To view the asset you just modified, click Previous.


    The Display As Exhibit check box allows you to mark the image to be shown as a pop-up for QTI Exams exported for the Pearson VUE Test Driver.

  4. Edit the changes needed, then click Save or Cancel. In our below example, we have modified the Blueprint and added an enemy asset.


    If any mandatory metadata is required in the Modify page, modifications are not saved if the required data is not provided.

  5. On modifying an asset, the modified details are displayed in the Review Asset page. A revision history is also created, which can be seen in the Version History at the bottom of the page.


    You must have the permission to Review/Validate Questions, depending on the state of the item.


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