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To batch edit assets, you must have the Manage Assets role and permission to make necessary modifications required on the assets.

  1. Select the Prepare Assets → Search menu.
  2. Provide some search criteria on the Search Assets page and click Retrieve Assets.
  3. Assets matching the criteria are displayed below in the grid with its Asset Id, Asset, Blueprint, State, Uploaded By, and Uploaded On.
  4. Select some assets and click the Batch Edit button.

    The Batch Edit page is displayed with the fields displayed in a grid that can be edited for a set of assets selected. The property fields are State, Blueprint, Comments, Display Mode, and Metadata types (if any).


    The DisplayMode option lets you choose the image to be displayed inline with text or as an exhibit.


    Only simple comments can be added via Batch Edit for assets/asset stacks.

    Only asset stack level comments can be added to asset stacks via Batch Edit.

  5. Select the properties that must be changed for the selected assets.
  6. The fields for the selected properties are displayed below when you select the check boxes.

  7. Enter and/or select all the required properties.
    • Click the Review and Save Changes button. A Confirm Changes window opens, detailing the changes you have selected for batch edit.

    Cancel button: Discard the changes and return to Batch Edit page.
    Save Changes button: Save the changes and return to Batch Edit page. A message in red text is displayed on the Batch Edit page.

  8. Click Return to Search to move out of the Batch Edit page and return to the Search Assets page.



Assets can also be copied from the Batch Edit page. Read more about this in the Batch Edit Assets Copy topic. Once a copy is created of the original assets, a message is displayed at the top of the Batch Edit page stating "Selected items have been cloned and they are now available for batch editing". You can now batch edit the new assets. The changes you make affect the new assets and not the selected assets.

  • Locked assets cannot be modified. If users choose assets before they reach the Approved state, they see the actual file only in the preview of listed assets. On the content object, it is displayed as an image (irrespective of the original content type), which has the text "Asset not in approved state". The user who uploaded the asset is able to see the original file even if it is not approved.
  • The item cannot pass review or the case cannot be published until the asset is approved. All controls on the Review Question page are disabled if any asset is not approved.
  • Once the content object is published, the asset is locked.
  • Content objects always display only the latest version of the asset it is holding.



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