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The Asset Custom Report lists information about assets such as blueprint, comment, metadata, ID, etc. It can be generated by selecting assets from the Search Assets page.

  1. Select the Prepare Assets → Search menu.
  2. Enter Search Criteria and click Retrieve Assets.
  3. Select the desired Assets.
  4. Click the Generate Report button.
  5. The Asset Custom Report opens in a pop-up window displayed below.

    The Asset Custom Report includes the following details:

    Asset NameFile name of the asset.
    BlueprintBlueprint node associated with the asset.
    CommentComment(s) in the asset.
    MetadataMetadata from the asset.
    IDSystem-generated numerical ID of the asset.
    Modified ByName of the user who last modified the asset along with the date when it was modified.
    On QuestionsQuestion IDs of items on which the asset is present.

    The state of the asset.


    For Returned State, the State text may appear using other words, depending on the text provided in the Return State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

     Uploaded By Name of the user who uploaded the asset along with the date when it was uploaded.
     Version History Revision codes of the asset depicting its version history.

  6. Select a Format from the drop-down list and click the Export link. The report is exported in the selected format.
  7. Close the Asset Custom Report window when you are finished evaluating the report.

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