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  1. Click the Return button to reject the asset. This returns the asset to the author of the asset.

  2. Return Asset window is displayed asking for a reason for returning the asset. Enter the reason for the return.

    Submit button: Enter the reason for the return and click Submit to return the asset to its author for modification.


    If you do not enter anything in the box and click Submit, an error message in red text is displayed and the submission fails.

    Cancel button: Cancel the return and return to the Review Asset page to continue the Compliance review.

  3. The next asset in the queue is displayed. To view the rejected asset click on the <Previous> button to view the returned asset.
  4. The asset returned from Compliance Review is changed to "Asset not in an approved state" image, a message in red text is displayed near the top of the page, and the state of the asset becomes Returned. The reason for the return is updated in the Comments section and the name of the user who returned the asset is displayed in the user tracking section of the asset.


The "Return" button text, "Return" text for button description in the review process explanation paragraph near the top of the page, text of title of the Return Question Comment box, "Returned", when viewing an already returned asset: State text, Return Comment title text, and "Returned By" text in User details on the Review Asset page may appear using words other text than Return, depending on the text provided in the Return Button and Return State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

In ExamDeveloper versions prior to 1809, these buttons were labeled as Reject and Rejected. For existing projects after 1809, these buttons will retain whatever you named the Custom Label. If you had Reject and Rejected, that will remain as Reject and Rejected.



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