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View the changes and history maintained

  1. Click the History button to view any changes made in the assets up until the current state.
  2. A pop-up window opens with all the details displayed in the window, and if any changes are made they are displayed as highlighted text.

  3. All the changes to the Asset are displayed. Use the First, Previous, Next, and Last buttons to scroll through the various changes.
  4. Close the History window once you have reviewed all the changes to the asset.



In case of a Returned State, the State text in the Asset summary, "Returned By" text in User details, and Returned Comment title text may appear using different text, depending on the text provided in the Return State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

In ExamDeveloper versions prior to 1809, these labels were listed as Reject and Rejected. For existing projects after 1809, these labels will retain whatever you named the Custom Label. If you had Reject and Rejected, that will remain as Reject and Rejected.



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