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The Quality Review is the third step of review, which is similar to the Compliance Review. The same Review Summary page is displayed with the number of assets in queue for Processing Review that have been forwarded from the Compliance Review.

Select the Prepare Assets → Quality Review menu. The Review Assets: Quality page is displayed with the number of assets to be reviewed in the Pending Review column.

There is only one difference between the Compliance Review and the Quality review page; the assets accepted from Quality Review move to the Completed state and the assets returned from Quality Review are assigned the Returned status and are returned to the uploader of the asset for correction.


For more information on reviewing the asset go to the section, Compliance Review an Asset.


  1. Click the Begin Review button to review the assets in the queue for the Quality review.
  2. The Review Asset page is displayed with the asset details similar to the Modify Asset page, but the buttons for review are different.
  3. Click the Accept button to accept the asset and mark it as complete. Once you accept the asset, it moves to the Completed state and is available for items and cases.
  4. Click the Previous button to view the accepted asset. A message in red text notifies you the state of the item has changed and it is no longer available for review.
  5. Accept all the remaining assets in the queue.  Once the Quality Review is completed, the Review Summary page for "Quality" is displayed as it is displayed for Compliance and Processing Review. All the accepted assets are now available as Completed and can be used for the items and cases.

All actions are the same as that of the Compliance Review user.
Assets accepted with enough votes at this stage become Approved i.e., Completed.
Assets rejected with enough votes at this stage are Rejected.

  • If set to 0, Assets skip this state entirely and mark all assets as Completed.
  • If set to more than 1, say 2, the Review Summary page displays a value for Reviewed; it displays the number of assets reviewed, and those still waiting for the next votes in order to move forward. The Include Reviewed Items is enabled.

The "Return" button text, "Return" text for button description in the review process explanation paragraph near the top of the page, text of title of the Reject Question Comment box, "Returned", when viewing an already returned asset: State text, Return Comment title text, and "Returned By" text in User details on the Review Asset page may appear with different wording, depending on the text provided in the Return Button and Return State Text settings of the Item Bank's configuration.

In ExamDeveloper versions prior to 1809, these buttons were labeled as Reject and Rejected. For existing projects after 1809, these buttons will retain whatever you named the Custom Label. If you had Reject and Rejected, that will remain as Reject and Rejected.



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