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Building an examination involves selecting items that match certain criteria and placing them appropriately in an examination framework. Organizations are required to select items according to the duties and requirements of the job. In addition, several criteria can be combined to build multi-dimensional exam form blueprints.

  • Draft versions of exam forms may be created, which are then reviewed based on criteria specified for the project.
  • When the panel changes an item selection, the system evaluates the exam form blueprint to make sure the new item fits the requirements.The review process is simplified for the expert panel by automating the item tabulation and data management.
  • The degree of complexity in building an exam form depends, to a large extent, on the number of criteria specified for the exam form blueprint by the Project Manager.

How many versions of an exam form are needed?


There are several important considerations when determining how many versions of an exam form are needed:

  1. How many candidates are being tested annually?
  2. How often can candidates retake the exam?
  3. What are the consequences of failing the exam?

The Exam Forms page displays all the exam forms created for the project. This page allows you to Add aExam Form, View and edit an Exam FormWork with Exam Forms, Publish Exam Forms, Clone Exam Forms, Retire and un-retire Exam Forms, and generate Exam Forms in HTML, XML, and Word formats.

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