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Exam forms can be published after all the items, cases, and sections associated with an exam have been reviewed by the Project Manager or by the user with the permission to publish an exam form.

  1. Click the Publish  icon to publish a Draft state exam form from the Exam Forms page (Create Exam Form  View Exam).
  2. The exam form is published and it no longer has the  Edit icon active because published exam forms cannot be edited.

    The  Edit icon,  is now replaced with the  View icon. 

    Published exam forms also cannot be deleted, therefore the published exam form does not have the Delete icon.


    Re-publishing of the published exam form cannot be carried out unless an exam form is cloned.

    The exam form can be published only when the items are in the Completed state, and the sections associated with it are in the Published state.

    The assets associated with any of the items of the exam forms must be in the Completed state and must have the contents for the mandatory metadata.

    The items of exam forms must also have the contents for all the mandatory metadata for the project.


    When you publish an exam, the latest revision of the following items are locked in:

    • Case exhibit
    • Case items
    • Non-case items
    • Non-case split screen / pop-up exhibits
    • Sections

    If the items are edited after they are published, the historical revisions are still displayed.

  3. The View icon allows you to view the exam form in its entirety. It shows the state of each item, and its number in the published sequence.


    The Allow enemy items on this exam check box identifies if items/cases/assets with enemy associations are contained in the exam form. This box is grayed-out and its state cannot be modified on the View Exam page.


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