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ExamDeveloper application can generate the exam forms in HTML format.

Generate the exam forms in HTML format

Click the  HTML Output icon for the desired the exam form.


You must disable any pop-up blocker from your web browser to enable this function.

You can copy the contents of the HTML exam form and paste it into Microsoft Word to print each item on a separate page.

A new window displaying the entire exam form is displayed.


The name of the exam form is displayed at top of the page. Information about its metadata is displayed in a table at the top.

The rest of the HTML format page includes following features:



Question ID

The system generated Question ID of the item in the exam form.

Revision Code

The Revision Code of the item.

TypeThe item Type of the item.
StatusThe current State of the item.

Question Stem

The Question Stem text.


All the Answer Options. The correct Options are indicated with an asterisk (*).
If Restrictions have been applied to Fill in the Blank type items, a Restrictions table listed below the Answer Option summarizes the restrictions.

Exhibit*For Compound item types, lists the exhibit number.

For Compound item types, the Text sections identify what type of section is included in the compound item. It will be one of the following:

  • Identifies the text within a text section.
  • Identifies the text within a Constructed Response/Oral section, the Initial Response, and the type of toolbar applied to the Initial Response.
  • Identifies the text within a Spreadsheet section, the type of spreadsheet to be used, how the item will be scored, the number of rows and columns in the spreadsheet, and the height of the frame that contains the spreadsheet.

Blueprint ID

The Blueprint ID of the item.

Other Blueprints

Blueprint IDs of the item from other projects.

Default Category: Categories

As part of the metadata, this field lists the categories.

Default Category: Cognitive Level

As part of the metadata, this field lists the cognitive level.

Default Category: Keywords

As part of the metadata, this field lists the keywords.

Default Category: Review Demos

As part of the metadata, this field lists the review demos.


The reference information related to the item.


The Cases on which the item is used.


The Comment raised for the item, along with the details about the user who raised it with date and time.

StatisticsThe Statistics are a group of statistical values assigned to an item.
EnemiesThe Question ID number for the enemy item.
Split Screen ExhibitsThe Split Screen Exhibits identify the Question Ids in the exhibit, if the exhibit window is adjustable, and if users are required to display the entire exhibit before proceeding to the next item or closing the exhibit.
Popup ExhibitsThe Popup Exhibits identify all the information regarding the button, the Question Id, Button label, Button normal image, Show button image, Hotkey, Show Background, Window position, and Window width.
Exhibit TitleThe name assigned to the exhibit title.

Reviewed By

The Reviewer(s) of the item.

Validated By

The Validator(s) of the item.

Asset informationAny assets attached to the item are listed at the bottom of the HTML report. The report lists the Question Number, Question Stem Image, Asset ID, and Name for the asset (for example Myimage.png or MyDocument.pdf).


Generate forms in HTML for translation

  1. Click the HTML for Translation  button.
  2. A Zip file is downloaded.
  3. Open the Zip File, locate and open the Exam.htm file.

  4. If the exam includes a case, the Case Name and Case Text are listed along with the Case Items in the sequence in which they are listed on the exam.


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