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ExamDeveloper can generate exam forms in XML format.

There are four types of formats supported:

  • Exam Design XML
  • ITS Format
  • Prometric Format

Generate an Exam Form in XML format

  1. Select the Create Exam Forms → View Exam menu. The Exam Forms page opens.
  2. Click  XML Export icon for the desired exam form.

  3. An Exam XML Export pop-up window appears, displaying the choice of formats available for the export. Select any one of the listed formats via the corresponding radio buttons and click OK to start downloading the selected format as a ZIP archive file. If you do not wish to download the Exam as an XML, then click Cancel to close the pop-up and return to the Exam Forms page.



The ITS Format XML export fails if the exam form contains any item supporting only a single correct Answer Option (MCQ, One Correct Option and Pull-down List) with more than one Answer Option marked as correct. An appropriate error message is displayed.


Spreadsheet asset values are not exported to XML for:

  1. A Spreadsheet asset added to an item via Rich Text editor (in Stem, Answer Option, Block Text Metadata, or Comment).
  2. A Spreadsheet type item with "Score results" selected as "Manually through test driver".

Also, a Spreadsheet asset added to a case text with default values (no modifications to its properties) is exported with its default values.


Export to Prometric format

If you select the Prometric Format option and click OK, a new pop-up opens and a ZIP file containing the Prometric XML and assets download.


The Prometric Format XML export fails if the exam form contains items of unsupported types (only MCQ and R-Type are supported), and an error message is displayed. Also, an error message is displayed and the export fails if the asset in any of the contained items includes incompatible types: .GIF, .BMP, and .JPG.

  • The order of the items are determined by the order of the exam form.
  • Earlier, only .GIF, .BMP, or .JPG file types were allowed for Prometric XML output.
  • All exhibit images are referenced in exhibits.html.
  • MathML is not visible in item.html and the respective images are also not exported.
  • Cases with R-Type items cannot be exported.
  • Images in case text and R-Type item Lead-In are not exported.



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