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The Exam Sections page under the View Sections tab lists all the sections available under the project. It also lists details about the sections including the Exam Section name, # Questions in the section, the Exam Forms where the section has been applied, Created On date, and the current Status of the section.

Access the View Sections page

  1. Select the Create Exam → View Sections menu.

    The Exam Sections table includes the following features:




    Edit the corresponding exam section. The Create/Edit Exam Section page is displayed with all the contents of the exam section you are editing. For details on working with the Create/Edit Exam page, see Build an Exam Form topic.


    Only exam sections that have not been published (in the Draft state) can be edited.


    View the items and cases on the corresponding published exam section.

    PublishPublish the corresponding draft exam section.
    UnpublishUn-publish the corresponding published exam section.
    Clone / Translate SectionClone/Translate Section to a target language.
    HTML Output

    Produces an HTML output.


    This functionality requires you to disable any pop-up blocker in your web browser.


    Delete the exam section.


    Only sections in the Draft state (that have not been published) can be deleted.

    Exam Section

    The name of the exam section.

    # Questions

    The total number of Questions in the section.

    On Exam Forms

    Names of the exam forms that contain the section.

    Created On

    Displays the date (mm/dd/yyyy) the exam section was created.


    The current status of the section.

  2. When the number of items in the list exceed the total number per page, they are made available on additional pages, which can be accessed by "Page #" hyperlinks for the respective pages appearing on top of the list.
  3. The number of items per page defaults to 10, but can be changed to 20, 30, 40, or 50 via an Items Per Page drop-down list on top of the list.
  4. By default, the list is sorted in the ascending alphanumeric order of the exam section name.
  5. The titles Exam Section, # Questions, On Exam Forms, Created On, and Status are clickable links, which upon clicking once sorts the items in ascending alphanumeric order. Upon clicking the second time, the items are sorted in descending alphanumeric order. The sorting happens across all the pages and not just the page you are currently viewing.

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