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A project must first be set up or created before users can begin working on it.

While setting up a project, you must configure the project blueprint, create users and their work assignments, and configure the project to suit the best processes required to generate the kind of exams needed.

Get started with the setup

Select the Manage → Settings → Project Summary menu.

The Project Summary displays the main setup categories and the setup status for each category.

Sections that are not fully configured have a   red X in the Status column as opposed to a  green check mark.


The Project Summary table includes the following features:



Project Setup Section

Allows you to set up aspects of the project:


A green check mark indicates that the section is already configured.
Items with a red X need your attention.
Items with a double dash indicates that the section is optional.


Specifies what you can do in each category.

My Project is Active, how do I change it back to "In Setup" state?


To change an Active project back to In Setup, you must first set its status to Archived, and then to Unarchived.

Note: Once you are finished with your project edits, make sure you change it back to Active, otherwise any users not listed as a Project Manager are unable to access the project.



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