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You can change the project deadline as well as the status from the Project Summary page.

Change the deadline of a project

  1. Select the number of days by which to extend the project from the drop-down list next to Extend Project by days button.

  2. Click Extend Project by days. A pop-up message indicates that if the project is currently closed, it will reopen for users.

    OK button: Confirm to extend the project by the selected number of days and return to the Project Summary page.
    Cancel button: Cancel the extension of the project and return to the Project Summary page.

The drop-down lists values up to 10, thus you can extend the deadline by up to 10 days in one go. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to extend the project deadline by more than 10 days.

The status of Closed projects changes to Active if the deadline is extended.

From the Project Summary page, you can also change the status of the project. You can activate a project that is in setup, close an active project, or archive old projects.


Users are only able to access Active projects.

Change the status of a project

  1. In the drop-down list to the left of Change Status, select the new status of the project.
  2. Click Change Status.


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