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The Configuration section allows you to define the project parameters. These parameters include how users will interact with various sections of the project, restrictions on the item-authoring process, specifications for the project’s blueprint, usage of references, etc.

Access the Configuration screen

Select the Manage → Setting → Configuration menu.

The Configuration page includes the following features:

Configuration Tab name



Name for the project, sets the start date and end date for the project, attaches exam Questionnaire to Word output of exams, sets blueprint level at which you set project goals and make assignments, and edits comment flags configuration.


Configures the item-creation process, including allowable actions for Writers, Reviewers, Validators, and Observers.


Configures the assets-creation process. Specifies what determines whether an asset may be accepted to be included in items and cases, and what dictates conditions for it to be rejected.


Allows you to set the formatting for references and select which fields are mandatory when entering them into the template.

Statistical Flags

Creates conditions that flag items based on statistical data.


Configures the required search criteria items to be displayed in all the search control fields of the application.


Configures the statistical calculations to be displayed for items.

CasesAllows you to set the default format for case names using specified keywords.
Set StandardAllows you to set the order of items in the Set Standard process and Excel Report.
ExhibitsAllows you to specify initial default settings for exhibit items.

Advanced Properties

Allows you to specify the initial default name of the exhibit item to be displayed in the Assessment Driver and specify if the title may be edited.

Allows you to specify which calculator types may be added to an item and specify if item writers may edit the calculator type.

Allows you to configure response attributes.



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