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By default, every project has six pre-defined comment flags. Users can add comments on items against one of these comment flags. You can edit, delete, and add new comment flags as required by your project.

To edit a comment flag, change the existing text.

To delete a comment flag, click the  Delete icon next to it.

To add a comment flag, enter it in the last blank field and click Update.

Comments for items can also be color-coded to make them more easily identifiable.

Assign color codes to comments

  1. Navigate to the Comment Flags Configuration section of the Project tab on the project's Configuration page.

  2. Click the individual color boxes next to the respective comment type to view a drop-down list of colors.
  3. Select a color for individual comments to assign a distinctive color to each comment.
  4. Click the Update button to save the changes. You may click the Reset button to discard the changes and go back to the previously saved configuration for this page or the Restore Defaults button to restore the default settings for the Project configuration.
    Once the colors are assigned to the comments, the individual comments with color coding are seen as below. Entering comments under the various comment types of an item while creating or examining it, results in those comments displayed with text of the colors assigned to the respective comment types.

Text comments of imported items are displayed with the color assigned to the comment type.

While the text that describes the comment type are always displayed in the assigned text color, the actual comment is displayed in a color that it is assigned in the Rich Text editor. The color of the comment text defaults to the color assigned to its type of custom color if not assigned in the Rich Text editor.

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