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Select the Manage → Settings → Configuration menu and click the Statistical Flags tab. On the Statistical Flags tab of the Configuration page, you can create conditions that flag items based on statistical data. If the statistics for an item match the rule set by a criterion, the user is alerted via email. The flags statuses are also visible at the bottom of the Statistics tab of the Examine Question page. Flagged items may need to be improved.

Set the flags

  1. Select a criterion from the list under Criteria.
  2. Select the condition from the Is list.
  3. Under Threshold, in some cases you may need to specify a value or range. In some cases, you must specify that the flag should be raised based on a certain relation between the criterion and the threshold.
  4. Specify the Flag Message to be displayed.
  5. Select the Severity of the status indicated by the flag. This can be classified as Normal, Attention, or Severe.

  6. Click Update to save the Statistical Flags settings.


    To load the default set of statistical flags, click Load Default Flags.
    You can use the [OPTION] keyword to insert the option (A, B, C, …) into the flag message.

Click the  Delete icon next to a row to delete the corresponding flag criteria.


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