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Select the Manage → Settings → Configuration menu and click the Statistics tab. The Project Manager can configure the pre-selection of an Analysis Group and Analysis Set, as well as the statistical calculations to be displayed for items. 


Statistics preselection

The Analysis Group and Analysis Set to be pre-populated on the Statistics tab of the Question Summary section of Examine ItemsReview ItemsValidate ItemsObserve Items, and Question History pages can be pre-selected via the Analysis group preselection and the Analysis set preselection drop-down lists.

The Analysis group preselection drop-down has the Analysis Group Ungrouped selected by default, which can be changed to any available Analysis Group from the current Item Bank.

The Analysis set preselection drop-down has no preselection (Please select an option) by default and the other available values for preselection are DefaultLatest, and Most candidates.

  • If Please select an option is selected, then Select Analysis Set for the Analysis Set drop-down are pre-populated on the Statistics tab of the Question Summary section of various pages.
  • If DefaultLatest, and Most candidates is preselected, then the Analysis Set pre-populated on the Statistics tab of the Question Summary section of various pages is according to the drop-down selection made over here.

Statistics available

The available statistical values for an item can simply be selected via check boxes under the Statistics available section.

  1. After selecting the statistical calculation items needed to be displayed, click Update.
  2. Click Reset to undo the selections made.
  3. Click Restore Defaults to set default selections created by the application and to be displayed for all items. 


    Restore Defaults makes selections for all statistical calculations.


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