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You can associate as many References as you need with items in ExamDeveloper.

All the references which have been added to items by users can be viewed in the Manage → Setting → References page.

The Manage References page allows you to edit or delete references from the project. Users can select Reference Type search criteria (which is one of the four reference types: Book, URL, Journal, and Equation) from a drop-down and click the Retrieve Reference button to list the relevant references from the current project. Both enabled as well as disabled references are listed.

The Manage References page has following features:



Edit the selected references. This opens up the reference in a pop-up window similar to the one that opens while creating it. A tool-tip “Edit Reference” becomes visible when the mouse cursor is hovered over the icon.

Delete the selected references. A tool-tip “Delete Reference” becomes visible when the mouse cursor is hovered over the icon.


Indicates that the reference is enabled or disabled respectively. Click to disable or enable the reference respectively. When the mouse cursor is hovered over the icons, a tool-tip is seen stating either “Enable Reference” or “Disable Reference” respectively.


Type of the selected references. There are four types of references:

  • Book
  • Journal
  • URL
  • Equation


Displays the reference source from where the content has been taken.


Displays the date (not applicable for Equation).


Displays the name of the author (not applicable for Equation).


Displays the name of the publisher (not applicable for Equation).

There are also three buttons below the list to be used in conjunction with the selection check boxes next to the references in the list.

Batch Edit: You can select multiple references of similar type from the list and click this button to edit them together, as a batch.


An error message in red text is displayed if you select dissimilar types of References and click the Batch Edit button.


Enable: Click to enable the selected references, if disabled. If already enabled, there are no changes.

Disable: Click to disable the selected references, if enabled. If already disabled, there are no changes.


ExamDeveloper allows users to create four different types of references: Book, URL, Journal, and Equation. For each type of reference, the field to be displayed as mandatory is controlled from the Setting → Configuration → References tab by the Project Manager.

Under the Select mandatory fields for Reference section, the source is always set to enabled and is grayed out, thus preventing its modification by the user. This is so because the source is the most important distinguishing parameter that is unique to a reference.

 Format References

You can provide a custom format for the four types of references by adding punctuation and delimiter characters.


Keep in mind that the format provided in the field is maintained for all references of that type.

Avoiding duplicate punctuation in references


When users are entering references, it is important they do not include punctuation in the Reference fields. If punctuation is included, you will likely have duplicate punctuation in your references since this page separates the fields containing punctuation. If you see duplicate punctuation in references, you can go to the Manage References page to remove them from the author, title, or other field on a reference-by-reference basis. Alternatively, you can remove the punctuation on this page for all references.


You must be logged in as the Project Manager to be able to access the  Manage References page.



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