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The R-Type Option Group page lets you create templates to populate the Options list of R-Type Questions. This saves a lot of time when the same data is used repetitively for the Options lists, so the user doesn’t need to type it all over again. Users can quickly populate the Options list with the click of a button on the Write/Modify Question page.

Create R-Type Option Group list

  1. Select the Manage → R-Type Options menu, to open the Manage R-Type Option Group page.
  2. Click the Add New Group button.
  3. In the next window that pops up, enter the name of the new R-Type Options Group list template you wish to create in Selected Group box. 
  4. Enter the first Option for this list template in the Option Rich Text Editor window and click Add to add that Option to the list.

    The option is added to a list and given a Sequence number.
  5. Keep repeating this procedure until you have populated all the required number of Options allowed according to the project's configuration.


    You can edit an existing item in the list by clicking the Edit icon next to them. You can delete an item by clicking the Delete icon.


    You can re-order the options list sequence by drag-and-drop using the mouse, if required.


    If you Upload an asset into an Option, a message notifies you the uploaded files have been attached.

  6. Click the Save button to save the template and return to the R-Type Option Group page or click Cancel button to lose all the changes and return to that page.


    You can edit an existing template in the list by clicking the  Edit icon next to Group. You can delete a template by clicking the Delete icon.

  7. You can click Add New Group button on the Manage R-Type Option Group page to add more templates.

    The saved templates appear on the
    Write Question page for Shared Option List (R-Type) items.


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