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At various points, you will want to contact users in the current project with project-related or task-related information.

Contact users

  1. Select the ManageUsers menu and click the Contact Users tab.
  2. From the list of users, select one or more users to whom you wish to send an email.


    Each user is sent a separate email.

  3. Select a pre-defined message from the Template drop-down list. Type in a subject and compose your email in the Message area.


    Project Managers can create custom Email Templates to be used in future communication with users. To do this, you can click Add New Template and then click Save Changes. The new template is then added to the Template drop-down list.

  4. When composing a message, you can use variables to have the system automatically replace default variables with information corresponding to each user.


    After choosing a template, you can edit it before sending the email, or you can construct a different message using the variables provided.


    What Is Placed In Your Email

    Authentication Question and Answers

    Answers to a user’s authentication Questions.

    Pending Users Assignments

    When the current project will close, and what roles and pending assignments the recipient currently has. Pending assignments for Reviewers and Validators constantly change as writers author new items.

    Send Usernames and Passwords

    Username, password link (Reset Password), and email ID information.

    Welcome Message

    A message that contains details such as login URL, username, password link (Reset Password), and information relating to support.


    The From Name and From Email fields on the Contact Users application page contain the details of the Project Manager and are meant to indicate that the email is being sent at the behest of the Project Manager. The actual sender is the email address stored as MailSender key in the application's appSettings.config (set via the MAIL_SENDER token from the file when PowerShell setup script is used).

    The "From Name" and "From Email" appear as an additional recipient in the email with the main recipient being the person to whom the email is being addressed.


    The email template placeholders for [MANAGERFIRSTNAME] [MANAGERLASTNAME] and [MANAGEREMAIL] always uses the details of the default Project Manager of the project. To see how to change the Default Project Manager see the Create Projects topic.

  5. There are also other variables available that can be used to draft emails. To use the variables, click Show variables that can be used in messages.
  6. Copy the variable from the list, and paste it into the message field to draft the email with the variables.
  7. Click Send Email.

    Sending users invitations to log in for the first time


    When sending login information to users who are new to ExamDeveloper, it is important that you also include the email address that you entered in the Manage Users page for them by including the "USEREMAIL" variable in the email. When users reset their password, they are required to provide the email address associated with the ExamDeveloper account. In this way, users with multiple email addresses will know which one to provide.

    The Welcome Message is an appropriate email template for new users and provides the necessary information.

Manage Email Templates:

Project Managers can create custom email templates to be used in future communication with users. To do this, click Provide the template a name, then click Save Template. The new template is then added to the Template drop-down list.

The following are emails delivered with different types of templates:

  • Pending Users Assignments

  • Send Usernames and Passwords

  • Welcome Message


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