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As Project Manager, you are responsible for assigning Roles and work to the users.


On this page you can name multiple users as a Project Manager. Assigning the users here does not affect who is listed as the Default Project Manager on the project. This person is named by the Item Bank Manager. In order to change this permission, the Item Bank Manager must go into the Manage Item Bank →  Projects menu and select the "Edit" icon next to the project.

See Manage Projects for more information. 

Note: The person who is listed as the Default Manager must also be assigned as Project Manager on this page or the system may show an error.

Manage assignments

  1. Select the Manage → Users → Assign Roles menu.
  2. The page displays the users and committees in the project and the roles assigned to them.

Update the roles that can be assigned to users

  1. Select or clear the required check boxes under Available Roles.
  2. Click Update Available Roles.

Only the selected roles are listed in the Assign Roles list box.

To assign roles to users, select the relevant roles from the Assign Roles list box next to the corresponding user in the Users tab.

Assign roles to multiple users in one step

If you wish to assign roles to multiple users in one step, then the faster method is to create groups of users known as Committees and assign the necessary roles to that committee. The users then inherit the roles assigned to the committee.

Update the roles that can be assigned to committees

  1. Click the Committees tab.
  2. Select or clear the required check boxes for various roles under Available Roles at the top of the page and click Update Available Roles.
  3. Under the Committees tab, scroll down to the committee to which you wish to assign roles.
  4. Select the Role to be assigned from the list on the right. You can hold down the Ctrl button on the keyboard to select multiple roles. You can deselect a role by clicking on it while holding the Ctrl button down on the keyboard. You can also select roles to be assigned to other committees on this page.
  5. Click the Save button to set the roles for that committee.


    All the users under that committee are now assigned the required role and this overrides the role settings for individual users set under the Users tab.



You must be logged in as the Project Manager in order to access this setting.



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