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Auto-Assign Work is the process by which the items are equally distributed between the users.

Auto-Assign work to users

  1. Click Auto-Assign Work from the Assign Work to Users page.
  2. From the Auto-Assign Work page, select check boxes for the type of work to be assigned to the users. This includes Writers, Validators, and Reviewers for the various Review States of the project. Also specify the assignment deadline in the Due Date text box either manually or using the calendar button. In this way, distribution of assignments can be restricted only for Writers, Reviewers (Number of review states available i.e., Review: State one, Review: State two, etc.), and Validators.
  3. Select the users in the Users list box to whom the work is to be assigned.
  4. Next, select the level of the blueprint required in the Select Blueprint Level drop-down field.
  5. Select a metadata category from under the Select Metadata and Content section and select a metadata name from the next drop-down. This depends on the metadata category selected in the first drop-down. Select the metadata content in the next drop-down that appears after you select the second drop-down option. Click Add Metadata. The selected metadata also appears under the Criteria listed at the bottom of the page. If you want to remove all the added metadata criteria, click Remove all Metadata Criteria. If is it not necessary to specify any metadata criteria, this step can be skipped.


    Only Drop-down and Multi-select List types metadata can be specified for a Write assignment.


    The Select Metadata and Content section disappears if you choose a Validators or Review States check box. It is only applicable for Write assignments.

  6. In the Write Goal column, enter the number of items to be distributed against each blueprint / metadata criteria.
  7. Check boxes next to each of the blueprint / metadata criteria can be selected as necessary to determine which of them are to be selected for the assigned work.
  8. Click Distribute Assignments. (If you want to start all over again, you can click Delete ALL Assignments).
  9. The assignments are distributed according to the choice made by the Project Manager.
  10. To view the assignments distributed, see the Assign Questions page.

How do I delete all the assignments?


If you click the Delete ALL Assignments button from the Auto-Assign Work page, all of the current assignments for all the users are deleted including assignments distributed by the manual distribution mode.


Ensure the user has been given the appropriate Permissions to complete the work assignments.

Distribution of assignments depends upon the number of Writers, Reviewers, and Validators assigned to the project.

The user can get the same blueprint for Review and Validate assignments only once.

The user can get the same blueprint for Write assignments more than once.

Remember that items can only be viewed by SMEs when they are in the Review state.

The Project Manager can go to the Assign Questions tab and adjust any user's assignments manually at any time.



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