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Manual distribution of assignments can be carried out by a Project Manager, to assign items specifically to any of the users.


Only users with the Permission to Create, Review, or Validate items are displayed on this page.

Manual distribution is more applicable when a Project Manager needs to assign the collections or search criteria to the users.

  1. Click the  Edit button for the users displayed from the Assign Work to Users page.
  2. The Assign Work to Users page displays the current assignments for the current selected user.


    If there is no assignment for the user, an error message is displayed in red. All the available types of assignment buttons are listed for the user. The buttons are dependent on the permissions assigned to the user: Write Questions, Review Questions, Translate Questions, and Validate Questions.

  3. If user already has existing assignments, the assigned activity is listed with both  Edit and  Delete buttons.
  4. Click the  Edit icon to modify the assignments, and the  Delete icon to delete the assignment.
  5. The page displays the activity buttons available to the user: Write, Review States (i.e., Review: State one, Review: State two, etc.), Validate, and Translate according to the roles assigned to the selected user.
  6. To add new assignments, click the respective options from this page.

Add Writing assignments

  1. Click the Writing button from the Assign Work to Users page.
  2. Choose the required blueprint level from the Blueprint Id drop-down field. The text list field in front of the drop-down is populated with the blueprint labels and IDs belonging to the selected blueprint level.
  3. Select the blueprint label for which the user must write items. You can select multiple blueprint labels by clicking the names while holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard. If it is not required to specify any metadata criteria, you can skip directly to Step 7.
  4. Next click the Add New button in the Select Metadata and Content section to add metadata and its content that also must be specified as criteria for the work assignment. A drop-down appears under the Category column displaying all the various metadata categories in the current project. A drop-down also appears under the Metadata column to choose metadata name from the category selected in the first drop-down.


    Only Drop-down and Multi-select List types metadata can be specified for a Write assignment.

  5. If you have opted to include metadata and content while assigning items to be written, you can choose the metadata and its content over using the drop-downs mentioned in the previous step.
  6. Click the Save button to save the metadata criteria or click Cancel to cancel the save and return to Step 3.

    You can edit an added metadata criteria by clicking its  Edit icon, while it can be deleted by clicking its  Delete icon. You can add more metadata criteria by clicking  Add New and selecting what you require.

  7. Click Check Project Status button. The page displays the respective details about the number of existing items in the project having the specified blueprint label and the specified metadata. It also displays the number of items already written by the user for the same criteria, assuming that the user has already written a few items for this assignment.
  8. Enter the number of items to be submitted by the current user in the Number of Questions to Write field. Also specify the assignment deadline in the Due Date text box either manually or using the calendar button.
  9. Click Save to assign writing assignments, or Cancel to discard the assignments.


    On assigning the same blueprint more than once for writing assignments, the page sums up the number of items distributed each time.

    Items already in the project affect assignment counts


    If a project already contains items belonging to a blueprint node, written by the user, then they are counted against the total number of items for that blueprint node, that the user is required to write.

    For example, if a user is assigned 10 items to write in blueprint node 1.5, and he/she has already written 5 items to that blueprint node in the current project before being assigned this assignment, then it shows that the user has to write only 5 more items. For this reason, it is advisable to either:

    1. Take into account the number of items written by that user already in the project prior to making the new writing assignments, or
    2. Request that the Item Bank Manager of your Organization create a copy of the old project and use the new project for the new assignments. Remove the old items and assignments from the new project prior to creating the new assignments.

Add Reviewing assignments

  1. Click Review from the Assign Work to Users page. The selected page, in this case Review: Initial Review State Assignment for page, is displayed.
  2. The user can assign Review: Default Review State Assignment by creating the Save Search and then assigning it to the user.

    Why is there a difference in the number of items showing in "Total Questions" and the number that are retrieved?


    In the above screenshot the "Total Questions" is showing 222 however the number retrieved is only 146. This is because there are 222 items in the entire project however, there are only 146 that meet the criteria of the review specifications that were provided in the item search.


    This page displays the blueprints in the Specify Assignment field to assign to the users, only after the auto-assignment activity is carried out for the project.
    On discarding all assignments, the Specify Assignment field does not display any blueprint except for the saved search criteria that is loaded to the Specify Assignment field.

  3. Specify the required search criteria in the Search Criteria field provided in the lower-half of the page and click Save Search.
  4. A pop-up window opens enabling the user to either replace the existing Save Search, or to create new Save Search criteria.
  5. Click Submit to save the search criteria or Cancel to discard the activity.
  6. Click Refresh List link next to the Specify Assignment drop-down list.
  7. The Saved Search is now listed in the Specify Assignment drop-down list.
  8. Select the required saved search result to be assigned as assignment criteria from the Specify Assignment field and select a date of completion (although this is not mandatory).
  9. The respective criteria is mentioned in the Search Criteria, just below the Specify Assignment field.
  10. Current Questions display the number of items available for the specified search criteria.
  11. Click Save to assign the assignment to the current user or Cancel to discard the assignments.
  12. On clicking Save, the current assignment details are displayed on the Assign Work to Users page.




    The type of assignment:

    • Write
    • Review
    • Validate
    • Translate: Language


    The assignments criteria:

    • Write: The type of items assigned to the user according to the blueprint and metadata criteria.
    • Review/Validate/Translate: The assigned search criteria. The name of the saved search used to assign the Review, Validation, or Translation.
    RemainingThe number of items available for the respective activity to be carried out according to the specified criteria / Total number of users (including the selected user) to which the same assignment has been assigned.

    Users with assignment

    A count of users with an assignment that shows the same data in the Activity + Criteria columns (regardless of different due dates). If the user has an assignment with the same Activity + Criteria columns more than once (e.g., write assignments with different assigned count or due dates), then only count the User, not the Assignment.

    Due DateDate in which the assignment must be completed.




Blueprints can be assigned either by auto-assignment or by creating the Save Search criteria for the required blueprints.

Add Validating assignments

Follow the same steps as Reviewing assignments.


Add Translate assignments


The Translate button is only available if the selected user has been assigned the Translate Questions permission AND the project has more than one language assigned in the item bank.

Project Managers that want to translate items must give themselves the Translate Questions permission.


  1. Click Translate from the Assign Work to Users page. The Translate Assignment for <user> page is displayed.
  2. Select the Language you want the user to translate the item into from the drop-down list.
  3. Search for the desired items and select all the check boxes.


    The following items in a saved search are not included in a Translate assignment:

    • Items in the same language as the Language selected for the assignment (e.g., French items are not added to a French translation assignment)
    • Items already translated to the Language selected for the assignment
    • All items other than MCQ, One Correct Option, MCQ, Multiple Correct Options, Pull Down, Constructed Response / Oral, Display-Type, Fill in the Blank, Spreadsheet, External, and Compound. You must use the other translation method for the other item types.
    • Items in a Draft, Imported, or Obsolete state
    • Items not editable on the current project
    • Items based on the source item that have been translated into other languages
    • If the source language item is not part of the saved search, do not include the translated items

    If all the items in the saved search result are not valid for translation, then the Current Questions and Remaining count is set to 0.


    You are unable to create a Translation assignment if the group of items is more than 2000. When you create a search for translating items, DO NOT include more than 2000 items in the saved search.

  4. Click Save Search.
  5. A pop-up window opens enabling you to either replace the existing Saved Search, or to create new Save Search criteria. Click Submit.
  6. Click the Refresh List link.
  7. The Saved Search is now listed in the Specify Assignment drop-down list.
  8. Select the desired saved search from the Specify Assignment drop-down list.
    The number of items assigned to the user is listed.
  9. Click the Open Calendar button to select a Due Date.


    Note: The Assignment Due Date cannot be earlier than today's date.

  10. Click Save to add the assignment to the current user, or Cancel to discard the new assignment.
  11. Upon clicking Save, the current assignment details are displayed on the Assign Work to Users page.
  12. You can add multiple Translate assignments for the user. For example you may want the user to translate the same questions into multiple languages. Click the Translate button again and select a different Language
  13. Select the same search from the Specify Assignment drop-down list and click Save. The Current Assignments list all the Translate assignments.

Delete a Translate Assignment

  1. Click the Edit  button for the desired user.
  2. Click the Delete  button for the assignment you want to delete.
  3. Click OK to confirm you want to delete the assignment. The assignment is deleted and removed from the Current Assignments list at the top of the page.


    If a translate assignment has any items in a Draft state, you are unable to delete the assignment.


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