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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. This human and machine friendly format can easily be written and interpreted. JSON is a text format and it is language independent. 

The Custom report JSON export is a zip file that contains the following files:

  • Report.json: All the information regarding the report including the Item Bank, Project and Question ID’s of the exported items. Details on the Custom Report data content selection and names of the output files generated for the report.

  • Asset.json: Contains details of all the assets attached to the exported items.

  • ExamForm.json: Lists all Exam Forms of the exported items.

  • ExamSection.json: Lists all Sections that an item is part of.

  • Itembank.json: Contains all defined languages for the itembank.

  • Itemgroup.json: Lists all Cases that an item is part of.

  • Project.json: Contains details of the Project for which export was done.

  • Question.json: Contains details of the exported items.

  • Users.json: Contains details for all user ID's that are in the existing JSON files for the exported questions.
  • Lookup.json: Contains project reviewConfigurations, metadataConfigurations, and windowPosition for questions. This file contains the key so users can identify how items are classified, the type of metadata, where the metadata can be assigned, and the placement of the window when it opens.


The diagram displayed below displays the relationship between the files listed above (except for Report.json, which is more like a manifest).


The following table provides the mapping between the Data elements and the JSON files (i.e., Type of Data, JSON attribute name, and the file name).



ExamDeveloper Custom ReportsJSON export
Type of DataData IncludedJSON elementFilename
DefaultQuestion IDnumberQuestion
DefaultLatest RevisionmajorRevisionQuestion
DefaultExternal IDexternalIdQuestion
Default blueprintNodeIdQuestion
DefaultBlueprint NametermQuestion
Default projectIdQuestion
Default nodePathQuestion
Default termLanguageCodeQuestion
Default maxDepthQuestion
Default externalIdQuestion
Default blueprintDocumentIdQuestion
Default blueprintDocumentNameQuestion
Default levelQuestion
Default blueprintDocumentIdProject
DefaultItem TypetypeQuestion
DefaultTranslation GrouptranslationGroupQuestion
DefaultWritten BywrittenByQuestion
DefaultWritten OndateWrittenQuestion
Default languages:idItembank
Default languages:nameItembank
ContentStem contentStem1Question
Content leadInText2Question
Content weightQuestion
ContentOption labeloptions:customLabel3Question
ContentOption contentoptions:text4Question
Content options:sortOrder3Question
Content options:type5Question
Content options:label5Question
Content options:left5Question
Content options:top5Question
Content options:width5Question
Content options:height5Question
Content options:horizontalRadius5Question
Content options:verticalRadius5Question
Content options:horizontalCenter5Question
Content options:verticalCenter5Question
Content options:points5Question
ContentOption assetsoptions:assetIds3Question
Content options:optionConfigDataQuestion
Content dragAndDropDetails:tokens6Question
Content dragAndDropDetails:targets6Question
Content dragAndDropDetails:labels6Question
Content options:token7Question
Content options:additionalText8Question
Content spreadSheetAssetId9Question
Content Textboxes10Question
Content Responses10Question
ContentStem assetsassetIdsQuestion
Content idAsset
Content nameAsset
Content stateAsset
Content projectidAsset
Content versioncountAsset
KeyCorrect optionsoptions:isCorrect3Question
Key options: weightQuestion
Metadata commentFlags:idProject
Metadata commentFlags:sortOrderProject
Metadata commentFlags:displayColorProject
Metadata commentFlags:nameProject
Metadata commentFlags:isDisabledProject
Metadata metadataConfigurationsProject
Metadata idItemGroup
AssociationsCase IDcaseIdQuestion
AssociationsCase NamenameItemGroup
AssociationsCloned fromsourceCloneQuestion
AssociationsCloned toclonedQuestionsQuestion
AssociationsExhibit ReferenceexhibitsQuestion
AssociationsParent Question IDparentQuestionNumberQuestion
Associations questionNumberExamForm
AssociationsExam formsexamFormNamesExamForm
Associations questionNumberExamSections
Associations sectionNameExamSections


JSON Export Key

1 - All item types except R-Type
2 - R-Type only
3 - MCQ Single, MCQ Multiple, Pull-down list, Constructed Response, Point & Click, Fill In the Blank, R-Type, Matching item types
4 - MCQ Single, MCQ Multiple, Pull-down list, Constructed Response, Point & Click, Fill In the Blank, R-Type item types
5 - Point and click only
6 - Enhanced Matching only
7 - Matching only
8 - Constructed Response only
9 - Spreadsheet only
10 - Compound only



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