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A Section containing items and/or cases with enemy associations can be successfully imported, but the application displays a warning message in such cases.


If the XML file being imported for section, contains items and cases with enemy associations (only items can be imported via XLS file at present), then an error message informs you about the Question IDs of the enemy items and case IDs of the enemy cases. The message also lists Question IDs present within any of the selected cases, when such items have enemy association with any of the included Question IDs. The Exam Section is still created.


If you edit the exam section created above that includes enemy items, when you save the section a message notifies you that the section contains enemy content.

Click the enemy content link to view the enemies on the section. Click the Close button to return to the Create/Edit Section page.

If you determine the enemy items should not be on the same section you must remove one of the enemy items.



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