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There may be a need to customize the menu titles in the application for your projects and to suit the processes you will follow in generating exams. After setting up of the project, project managers can customize the menu titles of their projects. The Custom Menu option lets you change the titles for the main menu as well as the sub-menu.

Access the Custom Menu page

  1. Select the Manage → Custom Menu.
    The Custom Menu page displays a table with the Custom Name, Menu Name, and URL of each menu item in the application.

  2. To change the menu names, type a new menu name into the blank Custom Name field provided next to the menu name you would like to change. This can be any alphanumeric string.


    If you need to change all menu names, ensure that each name is unique and can easily be understood by other users.

  3. After keying the required titles, click Save at the bottom of the page to save the changes.
    The new Custom Menu page functionality can be understood by looking at the below screenshots.



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