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The Queue page displays the progress of all the Question Longitudinal AnalysisBlueprint/Validation/Angoff Information by ItemCustom Reports, and the Assignment Reports (for project and Item Bank levels) for the currently logged in user.

The reports, once generated, can be downloaded from here as long as they remain available on the page, which is up to 24 hours (by default) after they are requested.

The following table explains the various columns of this report.



Report Name

Name of the report generated. This appears as a hyperlink text once the report is generated. The hyperlink can be clicked to download the requested report.


Date and time at which the report was requested.


File format for the requested report. The available file formats are Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, MHTML, TIFF, Zip, and Word.


The current status of the report in the generation queue. The various statuses are as below:

Requested: This is the first status that appears upon requesting a report.
In Progress: This is the second status, indicating that the report is in the process of being generated.
Generated:  This is the last status, indicating that the report has been generated. The hyperlinked text for the report name appears when this status appears.
Failed: This is the report status when the report fails to generate for some reason.




If a report fails to generate for some reason, its status appears as Failed. Hovering your mouse cursor over the Failed status displays details about the error that prevented report generation.


Report Generation Notifications

The report generation may take a while, depending on the number of items. The user may move on to handle other tasks in the meantime and a report generation notification is visible on the bottom right of the screen once the report is generated, as long as the user is in the same project and not on the Queue page. The notification displays the report name as well as the time and date when it was generated. Multiple notifications may be visible for multiple reports getting generated.

The notifications are visible only to the user who requested the reports. They are visible as long as the user is in the same project where the reports were requested. The notifications remain visible as long as the user doesn't visit the Queue page, click the X on the top right (to dismiss a specific notification), click anywhere in the notification body, or up to 24 hours (by default) after the report generation. Clicking anywhere in the notification redirects the user to the Queue page.


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