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As an Item Bank Manager, you can create and manage multiple projects.

The projects you create are available only within the context of your Item Bank.

In addition to managing the projects yourself, you can also assign other users as Project Managers to actively manage the life cycle of their individual projects. A project can have only one Default Manager.


On this page, the Item Bank Manager can select one person as a Default Manager for a specific project.

You can assign additional users as managers of the project by assigning the "Project Manager" Role to them, from the Manage → Users → Assign Roles page. The names of such users are included in all email communication as the managers of the project. The Default Manager of the project cannot be removed as the Manager on the Manage → Users → Assign Roles page. For more information see Manage Role Assignments.

Default Projects

When an Item Bank is created, a "Default Project" is automatically created for that Item Bank and it is assigned the name of the Item Bank. It is listed in bold text to differentiate it from standard projects listed along with it. This name can be changed later and can be different from the name of the parent Item Bank.

The default project is active for a period of 10 years from the date of creation. In contrast, a standard project has a default active period of 5 months.


Although the default project is labeled with the words "Item Bank" in the dashboard, it should not be confused with the Item Bank. Clicking on the default project name allows you to access the exam content inside the default project, which is only the content that has been removed from all other projects within this Item Bank.

If an Item Bank Manager would like to view all content contained in an Item Bank, they can either view the content using the Reports page, or Add Content to a project and view the content within the context of that project.

Purpose of "Default Projects" in Item Bank


The purpose of the default project is to be a safety-net -- a temporary repository for exam content which has been dissociated from all projects within the parent Item Bank. Such exam content is automatically assigned to the default project once it is removed from one project and has not been associated with any other project (within the parent Item Bank). This can also occur when projects are deleted. You can reassign content in the default project to another project at any time.

Default projects are not designed to automatically store or maintain the entire contents of an Item Bank (this can be done manually if content is added to the Default Project).

Default projects are also not designed for any users to perform work activities in them.

It should be noted that default projects cannot be deleted.

For a description on how to add content to a project, refer to Add Content.



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