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The Projects page displays all projects created for the selected Item Bank.

You can add projects and also edit existing projects and their details from this page.

Access the Projects page

Select the Manage Item BankProjects menu.


This page contains the following features:



Add Content (objects) to the project.

Edit the project setup.

Click this icon to set the project state back to setup.

Click this icon to set the project state as archived.


Displays name of the project.


Displays the name of the Project Manager.


Displays the project status.

Start Date

The date the project was created.

End Date

The project end date (by default five months from the date of creation for a standard project, and 10 years for the default project of the Item Bank).

Makes a copy of the current project with the project setup configuration and users with its roles and permissions as set in project.

My Project is Active, how do I change it back to "In Setup" state?


The Lock button is a toggle between the In Setup and Archived states.

To change an Active project back to In Setup, you need to click the Lock button twice.

Note: Once you are finished with your project edits, be sure change it back to Active, otherwise any users not listed as a Project Manager are unable to access the project.

Delete projects

Select one or more projects from the project list and click the Delete link at the top of the list to delete the selected projects. The associated content of the deleted project is moved to the default project of the Item Bank.

The default project cannot be deleted (unless the Item Bank is deleted). Also, while browsing/working on a project, you cannot delete the selected project in the current session.

Click Add Project to add a new project (see Create Projects).


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